You know you are active in international student ministry when...



1.  Your home looks like a Museum from all the gifts the students give you in response for your friendship.


2.  You can say ‘Turn Left’ in French, Mandarin, Urdu, and many others!

3.  You have multiple conversations, in multiple languages, going on in the car at the same time.

4.  Your students decide you need your own set of cool personalized chopsticks.

5.  When visiting Chinatown in New York City, it actually feels normal.

6.  You get Birthday Cards with Bible verses and heartfelt notes.

7.  Your family gets to eat French cooking actually cooked by, you know, French people.

8.  An International Student becomes involved in the community and says ‘I want to give like you do.’

9.  Your wife goes to a Church retreat and you are a weekend bachelor, you can call your Chinese student friends and they will serve you Chinese food cooked by, you know, Chinese people.

10. You cry when a student that you love graduates and leaves.

11. When a student raised as an atheist actually begins to believe that God exists.

12. When God works in a student’s heart to bring them to Faith in Christ.

13. When you notice you're the only American in your home!

14. When you automatically start to explain to ANY visitor where everything is located (cold drinks, silverware, dishes, etc.)

15. When your bookshelves are filled with different translations of the Bible, ready to hand out to some who is interested.

16. When you get phone calls at 10pm from out of state because they hit a deer on the highway and don't aren't sure what to do.

17. When you receive calls asking you, "How do I get married in America?"

18. When you have a shelf of books with wedding ideas for Asian weddings.


Have others? Please send them in!  We would love to add them!