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International Students Ministry Partners

How do you start?

Become an International Students Ministry Partner! Ministry partners are churches, organizations or individuals that have entered into a mutually beneficial and formalized relationship with International Students, the largest national ministry focused solely on international students, so both reap the great benefits of genuine partnership. International Students wants to share its international student ministry experience to provide you with the resources you need to succeed. As a Ministry Partner you will receive...

Discount on materials

As an International Students Ministry Partner, you enjoy generous discounts on materials:

  • Country and religion profiles

  • Training materials to help you develop and sustain a successful international student ministry

  • World class training and support at various International Students national, regional and area training events

  • Bible studies for internationals

  • Bibles and New Testaments, specifically designed for internationals

  • Various other resources

  • Newsletters and other publications geared to you as International Students Ministry Partners

Prayer Network
ISI Ministry Partners are added to our Intercessor Network as well as our monthly staff prayer list. Our staff and intercessors will pray for any prayer requests/concerns you submit. To assist you in praying for ISI and the international students we serve, you will receive regular prayer updates via email.  

Toll-Free Phone Consultation
A private ISI Ministry Partner toll-free telephone service allows you instant access to ISI's international student ministry specialists. Simply email Julie Collard, our Volunteer Services Specialist or reach her by phone at 1-800-ISI-LINE.

United States Transfer Network

International students often move from one city to another. Because of the breadth of our ministry contacts, we can help you find the opportunity for fellowship and growth in a new location where the international students you work with move to.

Global Follow-up Network
ISI's Global Follow-up Network will help you connect your international students with other vibrant Christians and returnees when they return home.

Conferences and Training
To provide continued training, representatives from your church or organization will receive a special invitation to attend ISI's regularly scheduled National and Regional conferences at a discounted rate. At these conferences, you will interact with ISI team members from across the country as well as meet other international student ministry leaders. ISI also has staff and materials prepared to train your team for effective ministry.

Speaker's Bureau
ISI experts are available to assist your church or organization in developing international student ministry. They can cover an array of subjects including church ministry, world religions, casting the vision, revival, and much more.

On-site Training
ISI can have expert consultants make on-site visits for Friendship Partner, Church Team, and evangelism training; strategic planning; and the evaluation of new and existing ministries.

For the Speaker's Bureau and on-site training, the sponsoring churches or individuals will provide an honorarium to cover the ISI staff's ministry, as well as travel expenses, housing and meals for the ISI representative. Often, several churches in a city will co-sponsor such events.

On-line Internet Services
Log on to this website any time to learn about additional ministry opportunities, ISI local staff website links, training, resources, and much more. Our student site at contains valuable information for international students who have come to the US.

Your Partnership with International Students 

ISI asks just a few simple things of our Ministry Partners:
  • Share a philosophy of friendship evangelism in reaching international students. We affirm that the Gospel is for all people without partiality. Therefore, we should seek to reach all nations through reaching every international student. Evangelism is our grateful response to God for His love to us, compelling us to share passionately yet respectfully, not coercively or deceptively, this Good News with others.

  • Read and agree with our mission and core values statements and statement of faith of International Students.

  • Appoint a Church Team Leader or representative of your organization.

  • As you get to know us and as we partner in missions together, consider putting ISI's national or local ministry in your budget.

  • Provide your Friendship Partners access to these same resources by sending their names via email.

For a general idea about how an international student ministry gets started in a church, please review ISI's Pathway for Church Involvement. It provides the basic steps taken to develop such a ministry.  For responses to more specific questions please email or call our Volunteer Services Specialist, Julie Collard.


You know you are active in
International Student
Ministry when……….

1.Your home looks like a Museum from all the gifts the students give you in response for your friendship.

2. You can say ‘Turn Left’ in French, Mandarin, Urdu, and many others!

3. You have multiple conversations, in multiple languages, going on in the car at the same time.

4. Your students decide you need your own set of cool personalized chopsticks.

5. When visiting Chinatown in NYC, it actually feels normal.

...