"After retiring several years ago, having been in a high-profile executive position, I wondered how my life would be post-retirement. There are indeed horror stories about men losing all sense of purpose and motivation - depression and worse - when they retire because they have no real "purpose" post-retirement. For me, the good news was that I got a more important job when I retired. We had been doing this work for several years - but now it has become even more meaningful and fulfilling. 

The truth is, we just enjoy our Chinese friends. We go on trips, lead Bible "discussions" and haul lots of furniture around to apartments near the Georgia Tech campus. I haven't missed going to the office every day and I haven't had to take up golf to fill my time. 

For Carol and me, it's common ground post child-raising. This common ministry has brought us closer together. We are together in this work and enjoying the time together."

Neale and Carol

ISI Ministry Partners