“I'm a volunteer in Muncie, Indiana helping with internationals at Ball State University. After helping an ISI staff member lead a Bible study and then teaching it after the staff moved, I became increasingly involved with internationals:  students and their spouses who were in the Bible study and many more who were not. I often thought on how many opportunities that I had missed with the internationals when I was working with students in public schools, now I was able to help need those needs.

God has opened doors of which I never would have imagined with students, faculty, and their wives.  He has given my retirement years a joyful experience with a God ordained purpose.  I look forward to teaching the Bible with English lessons that always result during the week and on Sunday.  The Chinese Bible class on Sundays currently has about five regulars who ask thought-provoking questions as they seek to know God and want to be sure of more truth before committing their lives to the Savior.  I cannot imagine a more joyful retirement.  I never know what door will open next.  For example, today I took a Muslim professor from Bangladesh, along with his wife and son to Indianapolis to be fingerprinted.  They know I am a follower of Jesus.  Through such experiences, I pray and trust that God's love radiates through me.

Our children were gone when we began this ministry.  My husband I have feel our lives have been enriched by knowing others from all over the world.  Being a Friendship Partner Family to many Chinese has given us much joy.  So many are very grateful to both of us, as we loan furniture.  

A few months ago, I asked a recently widowed Christian who is also retired to help.  She is finding much joy and purpose in being a friend to international women.  She has much time to devote to helping a visiting scholar and her 5th grade son.  She would not have had so much time to help them while her ailing husband was living.  She too has found new joy and purpose in this ministry.

I have seen younger families find much joy in being Friendship Partner Families to international students.  The students love to be with the children.  The families are enriched.  They too find joy in sharing their faith with the students.”

Hope, Muncie IN
ISI Volunteer