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"I will always remember ISI fondly and hope that ISI will continue to play its enabling role in the lives of international students.”

 - former international student, Princeton University

"I am sure that many of the visitors of your Coffee connections have warm memories and may admit that they got not only some food, debates and practical recommendations but also something more important, eternal, intangible. I hope your coffee connections are alive and many are enjoying them!"

- former international student from Russia

In response to a note of encouragement sent by ISI staff, Ron, he replied, “yeah.. you have had a great influence on me Ron!! Seriously... i can trace it all back to you… and the little visiting card that i got said “Ron - ISI”! 2 years later… kinda changed my life! 
I thank God for u Ron..."

– international student

"ISI is really good, because it helps you blend into the life here so you feel less lonely," Carine said.  "You don't have friends at first, and this is an opportunity to meet others."
- Carine, an international student from Cameroon

"I used to think that there was no hope for me, and then through ISI, it changed the way I look at things," Christopher said.  "It has completely changed my life."
- Christopher, a Sudanese international student


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