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M28 Global Discipleship Initiative


Considered ISI’s most strategic initiative in the last ten years, M28, based on Matthew 28, is an organic evangelistic discipleship paradigm to grass roots the Great Commission through the efforts of international students after they return home. Through student-led Bible studies, spiritual seekers have the opportunity to discover about God directly from the Word while being taught the value of multiplication and how to share what they’re learning with others.

Since its inception, over 4,963 participants have been trained in this full-cycle evangelism movement in more than 31 key US locations and at least 17 countries worldwide! Projected numbers of M28 implementers is much greater than what we have on record and we’ve already received outstanding feedback from those trained, but we project over 124,075 people have been impacted by this initiative! Our team of experts has developed specialized tools and a website for M28 implementers to use, and ISI hosts training events worldwide to fully equip ministry workers in this rapid disciple-making movement. We’re excited to see the Lord’s hand at work through this outreach effort as M28 is going viral at an unbelievable rate! Your support of this initiative will help us to continue moving forward in sharing Christ’s love with these future world leaders and equipping them to share the Gospel in their home countries and spheres of influence!