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Frequently Asked Questions
Reaching Out to International Students

  • From what countries do these students come?

    From every nation on earth! 
    India, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan send the most students. (View the Top Sending Countries for international students).

  • Where are these students going? 

    New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, all over the United States! (View the Top cities for international students).

  • What religion are they?

    They could be Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, just to name a few. Or, you could also be matched with an atheist or Christian.

  • What are international students coming to study?

    Business Management, Engineering, Physical & Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and many others. (View the Top Fields of Study for international students).

  • How long are they here?

    It could be a few months or several years.  If they have asked for an American family, it is likely that they have newly arrived and are very desirous of your friendship.

  • What is significant about reaching international students?

    They will be leaders of their countries and they will have great influence.

    They are eager for friendships while they are here.

    This may be the first time they've experienced the love of Christ.

  • What do I need to do?

    Be a friend. Find out what their interests are. Most students want to see American life, so as much as you can involve them in the things you are already doing (meals, your kids' school activities, community events, hiking, shopping, etc.) the better for you, and enjoyable for them. They may also want to cook for you and introduce you to aspects of their culture.

  • What quality do I need to have to do this?

    Hospitality, openness, ability to listen and share your life, available time.

  • How much time do I need to commit?

    We ask that you meet with your student at least monthly and contact them by phone and email in between times. Like any friendship, the more time you spend together, the richer the friendship grows.

  • How much does it cost?

    Time investment and including them in activities that you attend.

  • How can I get matched with a student?

    ISI staff will help match you with a student or coach you in the process of getting connected.

  • What interests a student to be involved?

    Nearly every student comes with a desire for relationships with Americans and a desire to learn the American culture. Unfortunately, 75% are never invited into an American home. We want to change that and give every student the opportunity to experience the love of Christ.

  • How long is my commitment to this program?

    We ask that you commit for the school year. Most people find, however, that like any real friendship, it grows over time.

  • How does this help my church?

    ISI exists to reach international students for Christ and is here to equip the local church to do the same.

  • Do you provide any training for me to do this?

    Yes, we ask that you order the ISI Friendship Partner Training kit and go through this before ever meeting with a student. This will help answer your questions and enable you to feel comfortable in building this new relationship.


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