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Would you like your congregation to… Increase in their excitement for global outreach?

  • "DO" global outreach rather than just pay for others to do it? 
  • Reach into nations closed to the Gospel? 
  • Experience the joy and challenge of cross-cultural evangelism without leaving home? 
  • See new believers come into your church from many different nations?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then consider…

A ministry to the mission field God is bringing to you, the international students at your local college or university.

This is one of the most strategic global outreach efforts your church could have. 


There are over 1,100,000 international students in the United States, representing nearly every country in the world. Many of these countries are closed to Christian missionaries.

These students will return home to be tomorrow's leaders. 

Many world leaders studied right here in the United States, what if we had reached them while they were in our country?


Let us help you reach them!








75% of
international students
will never
enter an
American home
while in the United States.

80% of
international students
will never
enter an
American church
while in the United States.

Would you help change these statistics?
We would love to
help you
reach international