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International Students, Inc. Benevolence Fund

International Students, Inc. allows for special gifts to be given to our Benevolence Fund for situations like medical emergencies, disaster relief, financial crisis, humanitarian needs, etc. that our staff encounter. We typically do not provide benevolent funds for individuals not on staff with ISI.

To receive a tax deduction for benevolence gifts, the IRS requires that the gifts be made to the ISI Benevolence Fund with no mention of or tie to a specific individual. 

You may state a recommendation for a specific individual in the “comments” section of the donation.  The recommendation for your gift will be referred to an ISI benevolence committee for consideration. Please note that while the Benevolence Committee will seek to honor the recommendation, we cannot assure or guarantee that your gift will be used for any specific individual or purpose.

International Students, Inc. is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Tax Exempt Status