Returnee Follow-Up
$5,000 Seed Money

Returnee Follow-Up training events and materials provide further mentoring to international students with leadership potential to become global disciple-makers after they have returned to their home countries. Returnee training events give ISI staff the opportunity to network and build connections with other indigenous leaders committed to international student ministry. We’ve already developed a secure website for returnees offering key resources for them to use as they adjust to life back home and what it means to be a Christian in their culture. It’s also a forum where returnees can network with one another and maintain connectivity and relational support. ISI continues the process of creating country-specific supplements to guide students on their return home that are specific to their locations. We’ve already published one for China, with India and Japan currently in the works, and more to follow. Funding for this initiative would help us to keep our Returnee Follow-Up efforts moving forward.


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