International Student Bible

$30,000 Seed Money for Reprint

In partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ and Tyndale House Publishers, we recently published a New Living Translation Bible with study helps prepared by our team and geared to the needs of international students and returnees. We have already circulated well over 10,000 copies to staff, volunteers, and church partners! This Bible has proven itself to be a helpful study resource for international students and returnees.

ISI staff and volunteers have distributed nearly all of these Bibles, which are being given to students from several nations. Most of these students are from closed or restricted-access countries. Often, they are more receptive to the Gospel and more willing to receive a Bible in this country than in their own. This is a strategic opportunity for the church in America. To continue the ongoing impact of this International Student Bible, our staff and volunteers are using this resource in ISI Bible studies and in one-on-one meetings as they disciple international student Seekers and Believers and mentor returnees for Christ.

Because of the positive response of this Bible with study helps specifically geared to the needs of international students, and high demand for additional copies, donations would go toward a second printing of 10,000 additional Bibles to reach even more international students with the Gospel!

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