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Church Mobilization Project

$25,000 Seed Money

The Church Mobilization Initiative is a continuation of our commitment to build a base of church ministry partners who are engaged in the Great Commission in their local communities by reaching international students studying at universities, literally, “next door” to them.

The major focus of this project will be on providing further equipping support to the large number of churches (645 and growing) who are already involved in this initiative. To move forward in this effort, we will offer additional equipping support to partnering churches including live training by ISI field mobilizers, Skype/webinar training, and additional printed and web-based materials/support to encourage deeper commitment to and involvement in international student ministry outreach. This phase will particularly include interaction and personalized follow-up with pastors and/or their missions staff. Face-to-face appointments with pastors and experienced ISI staff would be arranged, as well as supporting carefully focused church banquets and other small events to cast vision for this initiative among church leaders and committed volunteers.


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