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Premature - Promise Delayed

Recently, I was praying fervently and repeatedly for a specific answer to a problem over which I had no control. I was driving into town when I heard that my prayer had been answered. My relief was so great I shouted out my praise and thanks to God (and almost lost control of my car down by the lake). Two hours later, I learned that the answer turned out to be something ugly, not at all what I had been asking God to do.

“God, I thanked you for the answer. What do I do with all that praise I shouted out to you? Take it back? This is not what I asked for, what I thought was best!”

My depression lasted through dinner and the meeting I chaired for two hours, neither of which I wanted to attend. It grew as I drove the 32 miles home in the dark and told God what I thought of His 'answer.'

And He spoke. “My ways are not your ways, Pat. I have a better plan. What happened today is part of the final solution. You can‟t see it because you are not me. I don‟t think you really want me to lay out all the details. This had to happen first. You keep telling me you trust me. Uh-huh. I‟m still here. I‟m still God.”

By the time I pulled into my garage, I was beginning to see that the way things had turned out, could actually be a positive step forward, one I would never have intentionally asked God to do. (I‟m not God?)

“No one yet has ever set out to test God’s promises fairly, thoroughly, and humbly, and had to report that God’s promises don’t work. On the contrary, given a fair opportunity, God always surprises and overwhelms those who truly seek, with His bounty and His power.” Peter Marshall (Spiritual Portrait)

Hebrews 10:23 says, “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without
wavering; for he is faithful that promised”(NKJV).

Oh, yes.

Pat Kershaw

ISI Retiree 
International Students, Inc.