Meet ISI's President

Dr. Doug Shaw
Indian-born, Dr. Douglas Shaw, once an international student himself, is the President/CEO of International Students, Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  After receiving his initial education in Calcutta, Dr. Shaw came to the United States and earned both and MA and Ph.D. degrees.

Dr. Shaw’s professional experience includes ongoing work as a consultant, producer and guest in various media endeavors, including television, radio and multi-media.  He is the author of many articles and more than a dozen books and training manuals.  In addition, Dr. Shaw travels extensively in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Far East and serves as a scholar in residence and guest lecturer on topics related to emerging world religions, the new world order, and systematic adaptations for the expanding dimensions of globalization.

At a time of changing paradigms in Missions, Doug Shaw is firmly focused on driving forward the strategic goals of ISI as it pertains to reaching out to future world leaders.

Doug Shaw is married to Susan. They have three children and many grandchildren.